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Water, Biosphere and Climate Change


The "Water, Biosphere and Climate Change" MSc is aimed at scientists, researchers and executives of companies and enterprises that deal with water and its interaction with the biosphere, i.e. with fauna, flora and abiotic factors, of all counties, always in the light of climate change.

Specifically it is addressed to:

  • To young scientists from Greece or abroad, who intend to pursue an Academic or Research career, in the areas of Saving, Exploitation, Management, Protection, Utilization and Control of Water either as a natural resource, or as a commodity, or as a risk factor for flooding, but also as a factor of interaction with the planet's living beings (biotic and abiotic).
  • To executives of private or public organizations, companies and bodies whose field of work is water from any point of view.
  • To persons with a relevant scientific background, who own or intend to operate technical companies, laboratories, technical offices or businesses, whose field of work is or is to be water.