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Water, Biosphere and Climate Change


Duration Of Studies
The duration for the awarding of the Master's Degree is three (3) semesters, of which the first two correspond to theoretical teaching while the third is dedicated to the preparation of the Master's Thesis.
Students may submit a reasoned application for extension of studies to the WBCC Interinstitutional Postgraduate Program, no longer than two (2) semesters. The maximum time allowed to complete the studies is defined, at six (6) academic semesters.
With his/her  application, the postgraduate student can request suspension of studies, based on valid reasons and in exceptional cases due to a proven disability. The semesters of suspension of the student status are not counted towards the prescribed maximum duration of normal studies. The suspension cannot exceed two consecutive semesters.

Specializations  /  Directions
The Interinstitutional Postgraduate Program "Water, Biosphere and Climate Change(WBCC)", has two specializations:

  • "Water in scarcity"
  • "Water in excess"

Student Fees
1.000 euros per semester (3.000 euros for the entire course) to partially cover the operating expenses of the Postgraduate Program. Students can be exempted from tuition fees if they are citizens of the European Union and meet the income criteria according to the current legislation. Tuition fees are payable at the start of each semester.