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The Interinstitutional Postgraduate Program. "Water, Biosphere and Climate Change", offers two specializations / directions . The specialization "Water in conditions of scarcity" and the specialization "Water in conditions of excess".

During their studies, the postgraduate students of both directions will, in the first two semesters, attend the theoretical courses on offer and also participate in a series of exercises and workshops in the countryside during educational excursions, while in the third semester, is devoted to the Master’s Thesis.

The total number of courses students of both specializations must attend, amount to ten (10). In particular:

1st Semester:  Five (5) compulsory core courses corresponding to thirty (30) credit units and common to both specializations.

2nd Semester: Five (5) courses corresponding to thirty (30) credit units of which:

  • The first three (3) are mandatory specialization courses, different in each specialization
  • The remaining two (2) remaining for each of the specializations are freely chosen by students (regardless of specialization) from a palette of five (5) courses called elective courses.

3rd Semester:  Master’s thesis corresponding to thirty (30) credit units (ECTS)

No.    CourseECTS
1st Semester (Compulsory core)
1Climate Change and Water Scarcity [WBCC-501]6
2Geographical information systems and water resources management [WBCC-502]6
3Water - Energy – Food Nexus [WBCC-503]6
4Surface Water Resources Management [WBCC-504]6
5Economics, Law and Water Resources Diplomacy [WBCC-505]6
2nd Semester
Compulsory courses per Specialization
Α. Specialization «Water scarcity»
1Groundwater resources management [WBCC-511ws]6
2Water storage techniques and technical works in Mediterranean conditions [WBCC-512ws]6
3Drought and Agro-Forest Fires [WBCC-513ws]6
Β. Specialization «Water excess»
1Flood risk analysis and Hydroinformatics [WBCC-521we]6
2Water quality and pollution [WBCC-522we]6
3Ecohydrology and semi - acquatic ecosystems [WBCC-523we]6
Elective  (2 of  5 chosen by preference)
1Water as renewable energy sources [WBCC-531op] 6
2Urban fabric and water from the antiquity to present times [WBCC-532op]6
3Water and green technologies [WBCC-533op]6
4Water and Civilizations. History of Water on Earth [WBCC-534op]6
5Ecosystems-based approaches for the Sustainable Development of Water Resources [WBCC-535op]6
3rd Semester
1Master Thesis [WBCC-506]30